Givemestories is more than a brand; it is a sharing community. When we thought about launching this project, sharing was the keyword that defined it. We are all stories, fragments of the stories we gather throughout our lives, shaping the individuals we are today. In that sense, the brand will thrive on each person’s story, transforming and representing them through collections inspired by colors, patterns, or prints.

We have always loved electronic music, festivals, and music in general because many of the stories we’ve lived are intertwined with music. It is through music that we disconnect from the world, let go of our ego, and let the body be carried away by the beats. When we dance, there are no titles, professions, or statuses. We are simply connecting with others in the purest form of our being. For this reason, we want this brand to also breathe that art, as well as other forms of art that exist, telling stories and creating memories.

For this first collection, we decided that all the pieces would be in black and white because sometimes we need to venture into darkness to find the light again. The world began with a black hole, which serves as a gateway to a new and unknown realm of possibilities.

This is the beginning of a project that will grow every day, with you and our stories. Everyone is welcome to this sharing space.

Let’s make stories together! This is just the beginning!