Givemestories x Garota Portuguesa

Joana, the founder of the Garota Portuguesa brand, has played multiple roles in this project. From being a designer and artisan to managing marketing and social media, she has dedicated herself entirely to the brand, turning her life around to pursue her dream. The birth of “Garota Portuguesa” stemmed from Joana’s desire to express herself through art and empower other women to feel happy and confident while wearing her unique, handmade pieces. She aims to represent all styles, sizes, and occasions, ultimately sharing her love with women everywhere.

Established during the pandemic, “Garota Portuguesa” is a Portuguese brand that takes pride in its independent authorship and production. Using polymer clay, they create exquisite jewelry and women’s accessories that stand out from mass-produced, standardized offerings. The brand’s focus lies in innovation, irreverence, and fostering a sense of sharing. Joana’s primary objective is to evoke positive sensations in women who wear her pieces, allowing them to feel marvelous and comfortable. With a contemporary and versatile concept, the brand adapts to any woman and occasion, emphasizing the empowerment of women through its creations.

I had the pleasure of meeting Joana some time ago when we discussed a potential collaboration in fashion editorials. Our conversation eventually led to the proposal of a partnership. Now, the opportune moment has arrived for both of us to merge our passions and create GiveMeStories’ inaugural collection of accessories. This collection draws inspiration from the colors of the universe and incorporates elements from the GIVEMESTORIES logo, resulting in a distinct line of accessories.

From the moment we began producing the first models, there was an instant connection and alignment in our sense of aesthetics. We hope that the love and dedication infused into this collection resonate with you, enabling you to create countless stories with our pieces. Explore the entire collection here!

See the collection in acessories and let’s make stories together!